Howitt and Fison Papers

Howitt and Fison Papers

At the end of the 19th Century A.W. Howitt and Lorimer Fison collaborated on pioneering anthropological research in Australia and the Pacific. Their book Kamilaroi and Kurnai (1880) revealed the complexity and diversity of Aboriginal society and pioneered important advancements in anthropological...

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Project by J Gibson
  • Howitt & Fison papers: 1870-1879
  • Howitt & Fison papers: 1880-1889
  • Howitt & Fison papers: 1890-1899
  • Howitt & Fison papers: Cameron
  • Howitt & Fison papers: Documents by Fison
  • Howitt & Fison papers: Documents by Howitt
  • Howitt & Fison: documents by Aldridge
  • Howitt & Fison: Documents by Bulmer
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  • Tribes of North East India and Myanmar

    Tribes of North East India and Myanmar

    This Project will endeavour to transcribe documents relating to the various tribes of the North East of India and across the border in Myanmar (Burma) The first documents uploaded from the British era relating to the Patkai ranges. These documents relate in particular to the tribal groups in...

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    Project by Stephen Morey