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= your Oratrix recieved as her proportion of the same, the following
to wit. [ilegible], Mary, Sylvia, George, [Epsy?], Binah, Ninny,
Judy, Francis], Dinah, Ann, Betsy, Rose. Caesar,
and Minta, [ilegible] that the children of the said Ransom
G. Hunley, recieved, or their Mother the said Caroline M,
recieved for them. teh following slaves to wit Suckey, Jeke,
Aggy, Ephraim, Greene, Amy, Milly, Katy, Milly,
and her infant Nancy, Sarah, Lotty, and her child,
Rose, Brister, Celia, Curvy. a child name not known,
as their propertion of the negro property. named in said

Your Oratrix further Shewith unto your Honor that
said estate of Richard Hunley will be ready to be finally settled
by the adminstrative thereof, after the said adminstrative,
shall have accounted for the said eight negro Slaves here in before
particulary named as the property of said Richard Hunleys
estate, and which he has heretofore refused to return or account
for as aforesaid, And after the said Adminstrator shall
have in like manner, returned. or accounted, for the proceeds of
the crops of the said year Eighteen hundred and forty three
as aforesaid, so that the estate of the said Richard
Hunley can recieve the proportion of said crop to which
it is entitled.

Your Oratrix further thereof unto your Honor, ... that
she has been informed and believes that all the debts
due and owing said Richard Hunley estate if
there were any other than as above stated, have settled
or collected by the adminstrative, and that all the
debts due by said estate have been like likewise settled

In tender consideration whereof, and for
as much as your Oratrix can only have adequate
relief in a Court of Equity in the premises,
where matters of this nature are property
Cognizable... To the end therefore that the said
Caroline M. Hunley, Richard R. Hunley, Mary
V. S. Hunley, Peter F Hunley, Ann C. Hunley, and
Ransom Hunley, and their Confederates, when discovered,
may ujpon their several and respective corporal
oaths, to the best and utmost of their several
and respective knowledge, rememberance, information
and belief, full, true, direct, and perfect=

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