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the year 1843; and that upon such accounting she
may be decreed to pay the said Richard Hunley
estate, or to an account to the same for whatever balance
may be found to be due it, And that said Caroline
M. Hunley may be decreed to come to a final settlement
of her adminstration of said Richard Hunley
estate, in this Honorable Court, and make partition of
the same, among the heirs and destructees of said
estate and that she marshall the assests of said
estate in this Honorable Court, and fully return and
account for the same, so that her adminstration of
said estate may be finally settled in this Honorable
Court as aforesaid._ And in the mean time, that the
said Caroline M. Hunley may be restrained by the order
& injuction of their Honorable Court, from proceeding
further in the Orphaus Court of said County of
Lowndes, with the settlement of her adminstration
of said estate, finally, annually, partially or otherwise
until the further order of this Honorable Court, And your
Oratrix prays for such further and [ilegible], and general
relief in the premises, as shall seem meet and just to
your Honor to award.

May it please your Honor to grant unto
your Oratrix the Chancery unit of subpoena to be directed
to the said Caroline M. Hunley, Richard R.
Hunley, Mary V.S. Hunley, Peter F. Hunley, Ann,
C Hunley, and Ransome Hunley therby commanding
them on a certain early day, and under certain pains
and penalities therein to be limited, to personaly be and
appear before your Honor, in this Honorable Court and
then and there, full, true, perfect, and direct answers
to make, to all and singular the promise herein, and
to stand to perform and abide by such further order direction
and decree therein, as to your Honor shall seem meet
to make therin, & as in duty bound your Oratrix will
ever pray &Co.

Thomas J. Judge} Compts
James M Boling} Soilictors

Affadavit to Bill
The State of Alabama
Lowndes County

Personally appeared before me
E. W. Thompson a justice of the peace in and for said

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