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lot Bacon &Co $80.00 Amy " $300.00
Lot [ilegible] &Co in Smoke house 2.00 Aggy " 300.00
Lot Hogs about 80 head 150.00 Ephraim a boy 250.00
Cattle 56.00 Green " 250.00
9 Horses colts 1. mule 200.00 Binah a woman 475.00
cary a negro man 300.00 Epsy a girl 350.00
zekiel 500.00 Winny " 325.00
Seip 750.00 Sylvia a woman 500.00
Sucky old woman 1.00 George a boy 125.00
Rose 150.00 Mary a woman 500.00
Celia a woman valued. 200.00 Minta " 500.00
Judy 450.00 Ceasar 450.00
Lotty & child Maxwell 400.00 1. Ladies Saddle 2.00
Nancy 500.00 1. Gont, Do, 4.00
1. Shot gun 1.00
160 Acresland 640.00
The State of Alabama
Lowndes County

Before me David Phillips
a justice of the peace in and for said county, personally
came Jos.. D. Massey, D. A. Gaffney, John B.
Bragg and James L F Cottrell, who being duly sworn
saith the above and foregoing statement contains a
just and true valuation of the property of the estate
of Richard Hunley decd, returned to them by the ad
mx, the same made by them this 30th January 1844

Submitted and sworn to
this 30th January 1844 before
David, Phillips, J. P.

Jos. D. Massey
J. B. Bragg
D. A. Gaffney
L. L. F. Cottrell

Janu. 31th 1844 examined & admited to record and to
file; also ordered to be made the inventory
Thos, M, Williams, Judge

The State of Alabama
Lowndes County

Before me David Phillips a
Justice of the Peace in and for said county came Mrs
Caroline M, Hunley, who on oath saith the foregoing
appraisement is a true inventory of the property
and effects of Richard Hunley decd in his

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