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221. 218
and did not delay after her appointment as manager
of the two estates, to settle the liabilities of said
Richard, and also permitting the said complainant
to hold and enjoy the sum of fifty dollars cash
paid by deft, or on hand as left by said Richard
at his death, these expenditures with the expenses of
the adminstration already paid out, amount to
the sum of seven hundred and thirteen dollars
+ 99. cents, which sum without counting the
remaining expenses, being increased by litigation
at complainants instance & regularly in the settle
=ment of the estate heretofore made, will exceed
the full proportion of said complainant in said
crop, and deft prays that these debts and expenses
may be taken into the account and deduct
=ed from such claim as complainant may establish
contrary to the opinion and belief of this respondent,

Further answering says that a regular division
of the estate of the said Richard was made
by orders & decree of the Orphaus Court of said County
between the heirs of the said R G. Hunley decd and
the said complainant early in the year 1844 as may be
more fully seen by reference to defts Exhibits hereto
annexed marked (C C) being a certified transcript
from the said complainant at that time, recieved her distributive
share, so that at this time nothing of said estate
remains in her hands for distribution. and this deft would
long since have made her final settlement of said estate
had it not been for the objection of the part of said
compt, objections too which are shown in this answer,
to be unfounded.

This deft is ready at all times to settle said
estate, and is exceeding anxious to do so, this
deft insists that the claims set up by complain
=ant against the estate of Ransom G. Hunley
or this deft are unjust, and ought not to be received
as herein before shown for any interest in the crop of
1843, and this deft insists that she as the admin
=istratrix of said Richards estate has no right or
power to interfere with said Slaves_

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