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nor can he state the time when the
said slaves were given by the said
Richard Hunley to his said grandchildren
as mentioned above nor any thing
relative to the making of said gift. defendant
would however state that he had heard
the said Richard Hunley on many occasions
say that he had made the disposition of
the said slaves in the manner as stated
above & to his said grandchildren & that
he had seen & heard the said complaintant
point them out, long before the death of the
said Richard by name as they were given
to the said children towit Mary Peter Ann
& Ransom. That the said children always
claimed the said slaves as their property &
were frequently told by the said Richard
that they belonged to them & were given
by him to them & that they always controled
them as their property.

That these said slaves were controled
& treated by other slaves upon the
plantation of the said Ransom G. Hunley
& that the said Richard Hunley nor complainant
assumed no further control of management
of them than of the other small slaves belonging
to the said Ransom G. Hunley. That the said
slaves knew their particular owner & were
frequently claimed as mentioned in the presence
of the said Richard Hunley & Complanant by
the said children as their property & as having
been given to them, & never did he hear
any objection or denial made by either of
them of the fact on the contrary that they always
asserted to & admitted the same.

This defendant believes & admits as
charged in said bill of complaint the arrival
of the said Richard Hunley with his
family & property from the state of South Carolina
in the county of Lowndes, this state, &
of his settlement upon the premisis of the
said Ransom G. his son, who had previously

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