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233. 230

of Lowndes has jurisdiction of the several
Matters contained in said bill.

2nd ly for cause of demurrer. that the said
bill is exhibited against this defendant
Caroline M. Hunley & Mary V. S. Peter F.
Ann C. & Ransom Hunley for several &
distinct matters & causes in many whereof
as appears by the said bill which have
no relatives to each other & wherein this
defendant is in no manner interested
or concerned.

For which reasons & for devers other
errors appearing in said bill this defendant
doth demur thereto & prays the judgement
of this Honorable Court thereon do

And having fully answered complaintant
said bill of Complaint, humbly
prays to be dismissed with his reasonable
costs & charges in this behalf most wrongfully

Cook & Gayle
for defendant

The State of Alabama
Loundes County

Personally appeared
before the undersigned
Reporter in Chancery Richard R. Hunley
who being duly sworn says the matters
& things set forth in the foregoing answer
as of his own knowledge are true and
where from the knowledge or information
of others he believes to be true as therein
set forth.

sworn to 24th jany 1847 Richard R. Hunley
E. H. Herbert Regr

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