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Affidavits of
A. B. Formy

The State of Alabama
Lowndes County

In Chancery at Hayneville
Lucy Hunley
Caroline M Hunley et al

Before me the under
signed Reporter in Chancery
for said county personally
appeared A. B. Forney Esq one of the solicitors
for respondant who being duly sworn says
that Alexander [?] McCree of Marengo county
state aforesaid is a material witness for respondant
on the final hearing of said cause,
that on or about two weeks ago he filed
interrogatories to said witness obtained a
commission to take his evidence, enclosed
the same to Mr W Hunley a comissioner
at Demopolis paid the postage and
enclosed in cash a reasonable
compensation to said commissioner, for taking the
same; That said commission nor the
widower of said McCree has been returned
to said Chancery Court. Affeant
believes that said witness will swear as
he heretofore swore, on the same subject
matter when pending in the Orphans
Court of said county of Lowndes for the
said widow taken by interogatories
here to attached marked A.

Affiant further says that Dr B. C.
Jones he believes to be a material witness
for respondent on the trial of said cause
that his widow has not been taken
because his materiality was not known
before last Thursday, where it was too
late to examine him for a hearing at the
present term of the court. affiant is informed
and believes that said [ilegible]
will prove that Richard Hunley decd
repeatedly said that the eight negroes
mentioned in complts bill, as not being
returned in the inventory of said
Caroline M. Hunley adminx of said Richard
he had given to Mary V. S. Hunley, Peter F.

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