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20th day of May A.D. 1848. the said witness being first living sworn
according to the lord to speak the truth -

To 1st direct Interrogatory - I resided in the year 1843
in the county of Lowndes in said state and within three miles or
les of the residence of Ransom. G. Hunley decd

To 2nd direct Interrogatory, I was not particularly
acquainted with the farm of said Ransom. He had some five to
seven hundred acres of open land I should judge perhaps a
little more or less - I was never over the whole of his farm nor
to my recollection around the whole of it. I judge the number of
acres from the reported number of his laborers knowing he planted
small grain in addition to Cotton and Corn I do not of my own
knowledge Know the number of his working hands - The reputation
was that he had some twenty to forty I think - I do not
Know that any hands but his own worked any of said Ransoms
lands - The reputation of the neighborhood then and I now was
and is that the hands of Ransoms Father cultivated portions of
said land - I do not Know the number of such hands nor the
quantity of land cultivated

To the 3rd direct Interrogatory - From the appearance
of Ransom G. Hunley negroes I should say he both fed
and clothed them well - a gracous negro will consume in
the year One hundred and eighty Two and a half pounds of
Bacon thirteen bushels of Corn will require two good suits of
clothes a hat blanket & pair of shoes and children will consume
the same quantity of Corn or Consume and waste the same quantity
but not more than the fourth part of, Bacon they would
require two suids Clothes but no had or shoes but a blanket to two.

There should be an allowance made also for medical attention
Physicians bill and Taxes

To state the matter for one grown hand and one child
For adult

182 1/2 pounds of bacon or its equivalent @7c per lb $12.77 1/2
13 bushels Corn 50c bus 6.30
1 hat 50c 50
1 blanket 200 2.00
1 pr shoes 120 1.20
suit Summer clothing & Braking 175 1.75
Winter do. " 4.50
Medical attention physisions bill and Taxes 3.00
$32.22 1/2

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