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namely, that the Slaves lived all the while
in the same place, or upon the same
premises or what else? Please state
what were the ages of said Slaves
in 1938 as near as you can?

2 Int - If you answer plff 18th Inter
in the affirmative, State hos long
R. G. Hunley had been living on the
farm before his father moved to
this state - State who paid [T C Gleaton ?]
money, and what it was paid
for - if you give R G Hunley's declaration,
state whether or not you heard
him speak of the debt of Poce or
Gleston & if both Ransom & Richard
Hunley did not live upon the Poce
Track so called, & if you do not
Know that the estate of Ransom G has
paid for said land since his decease.

3rd - If you answer that you Know
when and how Caroline M. Hunley got
possession of Said Slaves or her declarations
about the matter State all
She Said where and who were present.
Do you not Know that Lucy Hunley
threatened to carry them off or have
them taken out of reach? Did
Caroline M Hunley Say So or what
did She Say induced her to lock
them up if She did so.

4th Int - If you answer to 16th X Interrogatory
about Richard Hunley's saying
he had intended to give said
negroes but had changed his
mind de Please State (if ever he
so said) if at such Times he was
not angry at Random G or Some
of his family? if such conversations
or remarks were not always
made in the presence of Mrs Lucy
Hunley & daughter? Do you not
Know that they were not satisfied

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