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of Aprin in the year of our Lord on thousand
Eight Hundred and forty six and in the
Seventieth year of the Independence of the
United States of America

Test AJ Cotton Clerk
I plead the 6th day of April 1846

Use of action

This suit is brought to recover of the within defendant
the damage within namely for goods wares and
merchandize sold and deliverd by the plff to deft
at his request for money paid, laid out and, exfunded
by the palintiff to and for the use of the defendant
at his request, for money had and received by the
deft to the use of Pff - and upon no account stated
between the parties. The declaration will contain
all the common counts no bail required
Bowden & Johnes Samuel H Rice

for Return To hand the 6th day of April 1846
Executed 29th April 1846
Mr Easley
By a Laweson deputy

The State of Alabama County Court of Talladega
Taladega County County July [unclear] 1846

Lewis Nabors plaintiff in this suit by Attorney com
plains of Joseph Camp defendant in custody &c
in a plea of trespass on the case in aproposit for
that whereas heretofore, towit, on the fifth day of
April 1846 at - towit in the county of Talladega the
said defendant was indebted to said plaintiff in the
sum of fifteen hundred dollars for so much money
before that time had and received by defendant
to and for the use of the Plaintiff in the certain
other sum of fifteen hundred dollars for money

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