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of the Citizens of the Cotton[?] City, have in contemplation to construct. A Company has been engaged for several years past, in constructing a rail road northward in a North Easterly Direction from Selma (on the Alabama river) The proposed terminus of which is upon the Tennessee river. Between ninety and a hundred miles of this road has been completed and is in operation; and the work is progressing toward Completion. There is every reason to believe that this road will have connections in the course of a few years, not only with the Tennessee river, but with the rail roads of East and West Tennessee and Northern Georgia. With these connections, and with an extension Southward from Selma, as proposed, to Mobileon the one hand, and Pensacola on the other, so as to form a continuous line of rail road from the System of roads in East and West Tennessee and Northern Georgia; a work of great National importance as well be accomplished as well as from the Tennessee to the Gulf ports above mentioned, a work of great national importance will be accomplished. The rail road

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above mentioned running North Eastward from Selma, penetrates the rich or passes very near, the rich and extensive coal fields of Shelby County in this State, as well as extensive deposits of rich and very superior iron ore, and [ineschaul?]table quarries of lime stone of the finest quality. Considerable quanties of coal from the coal fields above mentioned are now being shipped over this rail road to Selma, and thence by river to Mobile; but a rail road from Selma to the Gulf ports as proposed, is indispensible to a full Devellopment of the business. With such a road, the Government could be [illegible word crossed thru] readily and cheaply supplied [word illegible and crossed thru] with all the line which may be required in the constructtion of public works in the Gulf ports; and with any quantity of superior coal which may be required for the Navy. [The author's markups seem to call for inserting page three at this point. The remainder of the page two text would then appear as the third page] And not only so, but by the completion of the system of rail roads referred to, of which the proposed road is an indispensable part, an unbroken and continuous line of rail way would be established feom the Seat of Government and far beyond, to the ports upon the Gulf, whereby, not only the greatest facilities of rapid for convenient and rapid intercommunication would be afforded, but the very best means would be afforded to thee government for the transportation of its mails, treasures and munitions, from one one extremity of the Union to the other.

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[?] Memorialists deem it not improper briefly to refer to these facts - to which other important considerations might be added - to show the interest which the National Government have in the early completion of the

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