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proposed rail road. The last twenty
five or thirty miles of the route of
the proposed road passes through
a country very sparsely settled,
and through lands mostly public.
these lands are too poor to be of much
value for cultivation, but embraces
extensive forests of pine which would
be valuable, but for the sematiness[?]
of the land, and the inaccessibility
to any place which can to furnish
a market for lumber. Should the
proposed rail road be constructed,
these lands which are now practical-
ly almost valueless, [3 unreadable words crossed thru] would pro-
bably be sought for on account of
the timber, and become of consider-
able value. It woud probably be
within the bonds of reason to say
that they would become at least
ten fold more valuable than
they now are, or ever likely
to become, without the proposed
rail road, or some similar im-
provement. In view of the
facts above stated, it seems
manifest to your memorialists,
that your Honorable Bodies
may with the greatest propriety,
make to those who propose to
embark in the construction
of the conpemplated rail road,
a donation of land similar
to the donations heretofor made
to other rail road Companies
of this and other States.
When Citizens, by their labor
and capital confer great pub-
lic and national benefits, while
at the same time and by the
same means, they enhanse the
national power and wealth, as
well as the value of the Nation-
al property, it seems but just
and reasonable that they should
be encouraged and assisted by a
donation of a portion of the pro-
perty whose value their capital
and labor will so much
enhanse; and especially in a case
like that under consideration,
when the advantages to the govern-
ment, and the enhansement of the
value of its property are likely
so greatly to exceed, the value
of the donation. While there-
fore your memorialists would
never ask for unrequited boun-
ties or donations, in behalf of any
portion of their constituents, they
feel fully warranted in this case
to ask of your Honorable Bodies,
as they do most respectfully,
such donation of lands for the
to aid in the construction of the
proposed rail road, as may
appear to your Honorable

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