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Talladega August 19th

Gov T. H. Watt

Dear Sir

You have called for men
here, you will not get many, all shirking. I give you a
case, and by enquring, you will learn what I state is a
fact. On yesterday I learn M Henderson Druggist of
this place a man that is about 35 years old, and has
never been ^in the war, applied to the board of Physians
for the malitia for exemption, and they examined
him carefully and pronounced him in good health and
able for military duty. Mr Henderson then hires
Mr Parsons to get him out and I am told that you
are written to to free him from taking any part
in defending his country as he is in bad health, it
is not so he is a sound able man and one too that
was poor - when the war commenced, but is now
worth 2 hundred thousand dollars, but does not
want to assist in protecting it. I had the pleasure
of hearing the speech you made in Talladega after
you were elected Gov of Alabama and I infered
from your speech that you will compel the
able bodied sons of Alabama to do their whole duty
and that is why I address you on this subject if
there are any more such cases I shall inform you.
Yours truely

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