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Jacksonville Ala Jany 22nd/64

To H. Wills Gov. of Ala

Dear Sir

I appeal to you for help in a difficulty which perplexes & troubles one verry much. It is about sending a negro to Mobile The one that I sent last year took the measeles & died there & now every negro I have firmly believes that the one that goes this year will die in the same way. I have five men, one of them is too old and another has Rheumatism & the other three have not had the measles. & neither of the other three are willing to go because they think they would be sure to take the measels & die like their fellow servant last yer - Now I believe the last one of them will run away & perhaps go to the Yankees if I attempt to force them to go to Mobile. And now I want to beg of you to allow me to pay something and be relieved from sending one - Does it not look very hard after I have sacrificed so much for Mobile in losing there one of my best men, now to be made to lose all of at least run the risk of losing all, for the same place, & be brought to the plowing in my old age? And if I lose my negroes

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I caught that I had typed the governors name incorrectly, just as it was processing and now it's too late. For Review.