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for proper papers, with the contract already arranged. All e want is the funds to operate with outside and we can introduce anything short of a cannon, with the full knowledge & consent of certain federal officers. This is of course confidential, but if we fail to use them, I am satisfied no better opportunity - for supplying our wants will occur during the war.

Enclosed you will find Governor Clarke's Endorsement of my proposal to the State of Miss, transcribed from the original by Atty Gen Wharton.

If my terms are not liberal enough, please say what you will do. I want the contract. The state runs no risk. I buy the cotton & shop it abroad & deliver the articles & you pay for them. After shipping the cotton for the Cards, we will deliver then any stores before the cotton is shipped -

We can give any bond you may require for this faithful performance of the contract.

I have the honor to be
Very respectfully
Yr. Mt. obt Servt.
J.J. Snyder

Care Hon T. J. Wharton
Jackson Miss

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