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Hon. A. B. Moore.
Sir. The undersigned citizens of Lawrence
and Franklin counties Alabama. Beg leave to represent
to your honor. that Bluford Crosswhite. who was sentenced
to the Penetentiary for ten years by the Circuit Court of
Lawrence county at the March term 1860. Has been a
citizen of our community. Since his boyhood. and was
well known to the Subscribers. Was one of our most
peaceable and harmless citizens. that the unfortunate
circumstance for which he is now suffering. Occured Soon
after taking charge of business. for the first time as overseer.
that he had no experience in management of negroes.
and that in the opinion of the Subscribers. If the negroes
death was caused by the whiping. it was done through
ignorance, on the part of Crosswhite. and not from wilful
-ness. that he knew nothing of the character of the negro.
Your petitioners. therefore think it unjust. for him to
Suffer for an act. that he had no intention of committing.
and which there is more probability. of having been caused
by the passions. of the negro. than by the chastisement that,
he received at the hands of Crosswhite. And ask of
your honor. that you release him as an act of Justice,
for which your petitioners will ever pray.
May 31, 1860.

Subscriber Names [Column 1]
James. W. C. Smith
Wm W. Burgess
C P Banks
W. H. Freeman
F. G. Wilson
J T Hurley
James. E. Moore
N, A, Smith

Subscriber Names [Column 2]
T. C. Coring
P.. J.. Reynolds
[S?]. D Cleine
James M Warhurst
R D Warhurst
[G?]W W Warhurst
W B Warhurst
James Warhurst

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