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Nat. Hotel Washington D. C.
Novr 20th 1860

My Dear Govr.
I have delayed writing you
for a day or two until I completed my
examination of arms & procurement of
general information from the ordnance
Dept. to aid me to aid me 1st in finding what
I want, & 2nd in knowing what it is when
found. your dispatch recd last night & answered
to day. Gov Floyd has taken a great deal
of pains to help me in every way he could—

The only place where cannon & ball are
made to any extent if at all are at Anderson's
in Richmond Va, & Ames at Chickopee
Mass. I learn from Govr Floyd that Anderson
has never made brass cannon—but thinks he
can fill an order, he says he makes the ball and
the iron cannon which the latter the Secty ^says^ is out of
use for field Service, & in his judgement totally
worthless—the iron Cannon is only valuable
for heavy fortification purposes—The difference
in price is about as one is to three—Maj Cooper
paid for State of Georgia for brass cannon 45 cents
per pound. He paid for Carriages for the

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Gov Floyd referenced is John Buchanan Floyd. He was Gov of VA 1849-1852, U. S. Secretary of War 1957-1960, and Confederate General from 1861 until his death in 1863. He is unfortunately best known for fleeing Fort Donaldson in 1862 when under siege by General Grant. His actions are still debated among historians.