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I bought yesterday in Springfield Mass
2 Blls each 44 gallons of the purist
juice of the Apple. New England
cider which I ordered sent be Express
to you. and one of which you will
please send to Mrs Powell the other
will be for your use.
When I get to N. York I will
tell Dinsmore the Prest of Adams
Express to Send them through as
ammunition (liquid).
The Republicans here as elsewhere in
this latitude observe a breathless silence
in this impending and perilous crisis—
They have nothing to Say and seem
medative & rather despondent—this
applies to the leaders especially—
Senator Collimer from Vermont
passed through Springfield to Washingtion
when I was there—He was P. M. Genl under
Taylor. altho' our relations are intimate
I failed to draw him out on the future
of the republic. He is a good man and
I have no doubt feels himself in a bad
box, and the country on the brink of a
horrible precipice. The ground you take
is considered here very high ground—

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NOTE: Powell misspells the name of Senator Jacob Collamer (1791-1865) of Vermont.