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June 10th 1861

State of Alabama Winston County

Dear brother it is this one time more that
I take my pen in hand to try to right
you a few lines to let you no that I
am tolerable well and I hope that when this comes
to hand that it may find you all well and
what you aught to bee when I say what you
aught to bee is to not bee and rebel nor a
fool the way you haiv bin righting hear you
air one or the other and you cant deniy it nor you
nead not to try to deniy it to mee your side has
not got a foundation that is eney sounder than
a soft bull tird in the sping of the year
you have not I suppose from the way you have
bin riting seen nor heard nothing but disunion
secession confederate con federated and
confederation and you all haive swallode it
down like sweete milk and soft peachis
I say hurrow for lincol it has ben
said that lincol was a going to free
the negroes that is a by I will say that
it seames to mee like congress has something
to say aboute it first. it has bin
said that the union men was traitors
that I say is a ly again I am a heap
freader of the disunions with their helish
principle principals than I am of lincol

Notes and Questions

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Line 10. "Have" should read 'haiv'


Date is 1861 Not 1761
line 13 should read a "soft bull tird"

Jireh Ray

Line 4 should read "am tolerable well and I take that when this comes"

Jireh Ray

Line 7 should read "aught to be is not to be a rebel or a"
A instead of and.