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April 21st, 1861

My Dear affectionate
son I have just Received a letter from you
which gave me great satisfaction to
hear from you. But Alas to my sorrow
you have proved to be a cesessionist which I
hoped you would be as far from to the north is
from the south O my God would that you
could see where you stand and turn to the sure
and just [that?] [Blessed?] good old union which
our fore fathers fought bled and died, to establish
our liberty peace and comfort!. O would we this
soon trample that sacred peace and union
under our feet. God forbid my son.

My son don't be angry with me for I awfully
fear that our peace is done here on this Earth.
Suffer me to address you in a fatherly good manner
as I have been living [a long] time and has
been a close observer in my time. I can see
what is comeing up just as fast as the wheel
of time can roll it on but I have not the language
to express it, O, that I had so that I could
convince you where you stand and what you are
doing consider my son what you are doing consult
your own judgement and dont listen to the
persuasions of others those large negro holdes
that just gives one side of the question they
will speak to you of what glories would be in
the south if you will just help us and
Blaspheme the union that sacred union
to the lowest degrade view it my son

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