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O my son I am sorrow to think that you are
are sorrow that I am a union man would to
God my son that you were a unionist for you
are the only union disunion son that I have
in existance and I hope you will take all things
in to consideration + turn with one fond [belief]
that I am right.

My son you stated in your letter + seemed to indic[ate]
that we were all of a land of heathern where
we did not no anything + could not get the
news, suffer me to inform you that we are not
+ I thank God for it though if times keep on we
will be or might just as well be if the south carri[es]
her designs into executions which I hope she will
never be able to do. I get the general news from all
quarters of the Earth and am tolerably well enlighten
but to the south I never will turn, for this
reason I will tell you presently for I dont think
it is right.

The next statement was that you had been intruded
on I wish you had told me in what way
+ manner the north had ever intruded on you +
what [time?] + what was the cause of this I believe
I know you say that the north has takeing
away your negros when has Ala or Miss ever
are negro just tell me of one It is the frontier
states that has suffered by them states
[if?] any has why did they not. Back, kick [?] up, you did not
hear them. No blow out for the southern confederacy
no, they pled for the south to hold on
and not fly off to stay and see if their

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