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This april the 11 the 1860

Stat of ala winston county

Dear broth and sister i this
day th take my pen in hand to
drop you a few lines in ancer
to your leter we are all well
and i hope when these few lines
cumes to hand tha may finde
you all well and a doing well
Times is hard hear and there is
such a dis sturbence hear a bout
our union that there is no chance
to sell eny thing henry you never
sed nothing in your leter a bout
what you was whether you was
[youning] or did [uning] we are [uning]
hear and we are are for lin [hear]
we are no dis [uning] hear we are
willing to bea governed by a man
that will do as [linkern] ses he
will do he ses that he was
elected for the united states and
he is a going to bea president for
all or nun and i say [huraw] [illegible strikethrough]
for linkern henry i want you to
doo all you can for me about that
[and] if you can fix eny way to
satis fy oliver and take the land
your self [wy] do so and it will all be
so no mor at this time Joh Bell to henry [-rte]

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