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Eldridge Ala

April 21th 1861

Dear Son it is with pleasure that [I scat]
my self this morning to let you know
that we are all well at present hopeing when
these few lines comes to hand that tha may
find you all well and doing well. I received
A letter from you and Andrew Lawrimore
this morning and was glad to heare that
you was all well but it was disgusting
to me to think that I had Raised A Child
that would Cecede from under the government
that he was bornd and Raised under it is
Somthing Strane to me that people can
forget the grones and crys of our fourfathers
in the Revolution So quick Henry just think
back to the time when our forefathers walked
over the frozened ground bare foot leaveing
their blood on the ground when fighting
for the liberties that you have injoyed ever
sence you hav had a being in the world
god forbid that I ever Should ever be
cald a cecessionist, I had jest as soon be
cald a tory, as to comit treson ganst the
goverment, that was sealed with the blood
of my fathers, the scripture informs us that
a House devided aganst it self Cannot stand

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