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Claim them selves to be disunionist

I can state brother that it would not be
worth while for you to pick me a [souter?] in
that in lightened land where tha one all so
intelagent for that would not have a [souter?]
that come from this hethen land where people
cant hear any thing nor know any thing.

Brother dont think hard of me when you Read
my letter. But change from that opinion of yours
to the Rite one, I have to write my sentiment
as they are, but dont let secession do away the love
between Brother + sister [so more] But Remain
your sister [Eliz--]. Bell.

P.S. write to me as soon as you get this
+ let me hear from you, so farewell

[Henry] Bell is my name and [-ite]
[?] before i will submit to
[black republican?] [2 words illegible] my
[2 words illegible]

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