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Jasper Ala
August 27t 1861

His Excellency A B Moore

Dear Sir on yesterday
25th, the Ladies of this place organized a soldiers aid
sosiety and reported the same to you, and requested,
me to write you their wishes, which I agreed to do,
First I will give you some idea of the times generally,
We have several volunteer companys raised in this
County, but for want of arms and equipage, they could
not be received. The result was that squad after squad,
left our County, and joined companys in other countys,
at least anough to make one good Comp. at this time
there is three companys about completed, one only is
equiped. A few days since I undertook organize some
sosieties, in which I found a good deal of opposition,
uppon the ground, that, they understand the proclamation
to require the goods shiped to others, and they did not
feel able to Clothe our own Companys, and send
any off, I then proposed for the sosieties to be formed
and go to work and I would to you, and if posable
obtain your permission to deliver to the volunteers
who may regularly organize and leave the county,
by so promising I have succeeded in getting the
promise of some Jeans, flannal, and blankets, that I never
could have reached otherwise. The Jeans is a good
article, for supperior. KY, manufacture,

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