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Talladega, Ala., Aug 29th 1861

Honl A. B. Moore
Montgomery. Ala,

Dr Sir, I shall leave
in two weeks, with Dr B. W. Grace[?] & L. G. Dye,
to take to our volunteers their winter clothing
and blankets - and as we have several
companies from Talladega, it takes a good
deal of trouble to get them there -

I would be glad, in as much as we go
in the public service that we could get
our passage at least one way free - we
can now ill spare the money - but we
will go any way & do the business at
our own expense -

We will have some 400 suits and
near as many Blankets if they can be
had - some 300 or 400 pair of shoes, &
and 1,000 pair of socks, besides many
other articles - No one more could do
justice to the case, & deliver them all
properly, so, one goes to each company -
We leave on the 10th[?] next month -

Very Respectfully
James G. L. Henry

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