Status: Needs Review

Cartridges filled for Guns 108
Cask Powder 20
Kegs small arms 19
1/2 [Kegs small arms] 13
1/4 [Kegs small arms] 15
Musket Cartridges 30,000
Percussion Caps 6,000

Great want at this post of
Cartridges bags[?] & material for same.
All having been exhausted. Scarcity
of Caps for ordinary guns rifles &c -

The above is all the information I could
obtain from the Col Commandery.
We have some Seven hundred & fifty men
stationed here now, with the promise
of as many more as our necessities
may require Two companies of Horse
are also stationed here, our Town
is thirty miles from the East pass.
with the Bulk head between us and it, with
6 1/2 feet of water on it. Twenty miles
from west pass with fourteen feet of
water to within 2 1/2 miles of Town.
Depth of water on East Pass has 17 1/2 feet

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I know little about ammunition or arms - just guessed on the types and caliber. P. 2 ends mid- sentence - looks like pages are missing.