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Tuscaloosa August 19 1863

Gov. Shorter

Dear Sir Please excuse me for wrighting you this note which I will make as consise as possible. I have just concluded the reading of your message to the Legislator, which meets my [illegible]. and hope that body will not desolve its sitting until all you ask has been provided for. The matter I want to bring to attention, is this, there is a large number of strangers and deserters prowling over the Country to which you have very properly brought the attention of the Legislature, the numbers in the upper [illegible] is alarming, and greatly intimidate the good citizens and soldiers which residing in those Counties, and if something is not done to remove them, they will soon become a band of desperadoes and will require to be kept down by the soldiers

I [lern?] that soldiers sent from the army to get them to go back to the army have been shot and twelve or fifteen killed.

I had a conversation with a man on yesterday who told me he had an Interview with some of them in the northern part of the County, where they are very numerous, they were from Gnl Braggs army, and swore they would never go back to that army, but if permited, would go to some other branch of the army, now it is clear some concession must made to them now or they will stay out of the army, and become so bold in outrage that a large number of soldery will be required to keep them from devastating the country. Would it not be the best course for you to bring the facts to the notice of the President.

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