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Columbas April May 8th/63
Dearest Mor
"As hope deferred making the
heart sick," I cannot survive much longer
without me of your sweet kind letters, and as
you're determined always to [wait?] an excuse
to write, I thought I'd make an effort and see
how successful I could be. I suppose then that
after Charlie hears of my whereabouts, I'm to
be denied the privelege altogether of hearing
from you at all. "[Tom's ? ] mistaken" If I do
not receive regular replys to my communcations,
I shall take it for granted you are very ill
and leave for Montgomery [instead?], how
as I'm aware that a bachelor establishment is
not always in readiness to receive a lady,
you had better get things in order, for I'm in
earnest and I shall always say in such an
event that Mor wrote he was not feeling well
and wishes me to come over immediately.
so you see my friend what you may expect

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