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Arms, Ammunition &c as reported by the
Committee of [Collinsene] Beat N 0/114 Lowndes Co Al a/n, made
in post, to me, 21st March "A.D." 1862. The 3d Committee
is comprised of 5 members; Each having his section of the
Beat in which to work. The 1st Name in ach sectional
report is that of the Committeeman. The letter "G." signifies
those who can go to respond to the next call for solunteers,
with least sacrifice to themselves & their Country. "S." means
those, who, being old &c ought to stay at Home & represent,
as best they can, the interests of those who go as their
representatives whom the Battle-fields. Every known Indi-
vidual in the Beat has been seen, his name herein recorded
& what he does & is & what he does not & is not

I send herewith - Document "A."- a "Notice" to all
the Citizens of Lowndes Co., served, chiefly upon the people
of the 13 Beats in the Co., by 2 servants of mine on the 4th
& 5th days of March (inst.)) On the 7th March, at [Harperville?],
the Judge of Probate, J.T. Jewell state Agt to collect arms
&c in this County, and myself, Justice of The Peace in
[Collirine?] Beat, adopted, by agreement, The system, fore
shadowed in this Report, for collecting Arms &c and getting
facts+ figures as "materials" for future history-- fully notifying
, as I did, every man of the consequences of his actions in
the present momentous crisis

Docmt "B" is written instructions put into the hands of
Each of the 5 Committee men of [Collinsene?] Beat.

The following is the Result up to this date; [Benton?]25th
March "A.D." 1862.

1st Section J.W. [Dunklin?]Com mem reports
J. W. [Dunklin?] No Arms nor Am except 2 home-made Bowie knives S
given to State Ala
H.W Caffey One Dble Bbl shot Gun, One Old sabre " " " G
T.W. Dunklin " " " Do do & 3 Bowie knives " " " S
Dunklin Pierce " " " Do do " " " G
Hardy Todd One Rifle, One single Bbl shot gun given " " " Vol
John H. Barlow One Dbl Bbl shot Gun " " " G
Willoughby Todd One Rifle " " " S

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