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I have deposited the holy offering with the Treasurer of the
State, and it will afford me infinite pleasure to apply it in advancement
of the humane purpose for which it is designed ; and the disposition
which shall be made of it shall in due time be communicated to
the Grand Lodge.

I beg to return through you, to the Grand Lodge
my grateful acknowledgements for the confidence expressed by the high
trust confided to me, and I thank you gentlemen for the kind terms
in which you have been pleased to address me.

Respectfully Yours
(Signed) John Gill Shorter.

Daniel Sayre }
E. M. Hastings } Committee.
N. B. Cloud }

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 6th 1861.

Maj. General Braxton Bragg,

Sir ;

Having assumed the duties and responsibilities of
Governor of Alabama I embrace the earliest opportunity to convey to
you the assurance of the high confidence reposed in you by the
people of this State, and my sincere desire to contribute as far as
may be in my power, in support of that cause, which, to us, is
dearer than life itself.

I have heard and read - with infinite satisfaction -
of the brilliant defense, by the troops of Alabama, and of her sister
Confederate States, under your command, against one of the
most terrific bombardments of ancient or modern times ; and I
heartily congratulate you that you have been spared through those
two eventful days - which shall forever link your name with
those Honoured Heroes, whose fame shall never die.

During the past week, Genl. A. S. Johnston made a
requisition on my predecessor - Hon. A. B. Moore - for twelve months'
troops, to be armed and equipped by the State with Shot Guns or
Rifles - as best we could - for the defense of the Vallies of the
Tennessee, Mississippi and Cumberland Rivers. Genl Johnston -
by his correspondence - expects the force to be raised in North Alabama ;
Gov. Moore issued his proclamation accordingly ; and companies
are now forming in North Alabama and we are also raising in
the valley of the Tennessee a force of 500 Slaves for the purpose
of aiding in the construction of Fortification at Fort Henry on
that River. Several companies in South Alabama have also
tendered, and seem anxious to go under this requisition and one
or two have been already accepted, and, if duly organized,
will be ordered to Nashville, provided, there be no need to retain
them in South Alabama, of which necessity you are to

My information, as to the extent of your Command,
is not so full and particular as I desire, and anxious as
I am to conform in all respects to your authority and to
cooperate with you in every proper way, for the general
defense, I beg you, frankly to communicate what you may be
deem expedient, for any guidance in the Future.

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