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Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 18th, 1861.

Capt. Jas. D. Webb, [check]

My Dear Sir ;

I enclose you herein a copy of an Act of
our General Assembly by which I am authorized to designate a
Quartermaster of any Alabama Regiment in the Army of the Potomac;
who shall have the right to draw on the State Treasury for the sum
of Fifteen Hundred Dollars or such less sum as may be necessary to
be used in the erection of a building at Manassas, Virginia, to shelter
and protect the clothing and other articles belonging to the Volunteers
from this State in the Army of the Potomac.

I have taken the liberty to appoint you to execute the trust
in behalf of the State, and sincerely hope it may be in your
power to accept and discharge it; as from your known skill and
fidelity I shall have the utmost confidence that the object
contemplated by the General Assembly will be fully attained. Of course within
the limitations of the Act you will use your best discretion; but I hope
you will pardon me for adding that such large and manifold
appropriations have been made by the General Assembly from the
Treasury that if you can accomplish the object for a less amount
than the limit fixed, it would be most agreable to the Treasurer.

In order that you may obtain the money with the least trouble
to yourself and the accountants in the Treasury Department I
herewith hand you the form of a warrant, which you can fill up
in favor of Mr. Jas. S. Albright, engaged in my office, who
on receipt of it will draw the money and forward you a
remittance of the same by check on Richmond. Awaiting
your reply. I am with high personal regards
Your Friend & Obt. Servant.
(Signed) John Gill Shorter.

I began

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 19th 1861

Genl Thos J. Butler [check]


Your letter, of 7th inst, is received, and I am
instructed by the Governor to say to you, that he is of the opinion,
that the Regiment being formed under the act of 1852 - will be
numbered the "2d Regiment" under the Militia Code of 1852.

The Volunteer - Act of 1860 has been repealed : the effect
of this is to place the Regiment - lately commanded by
Col. Todd - in the position it occupied before the
passage of the Volunteer Act of 1860. This was, then, the first
Volunteer Regiment, and will, now, be entitled to rank
such. The Regiment you refer - to will be styled the
Second Volunteer Regiment of Alabama Militia

Very Respy
(Signed) A. B. Moore
Aid de Camp.

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