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Executive Department.
Montgomery, Jany24th 1862.
Hon. Thos J. Hudson - Lamar, Mississippi. [check]
Very pressing official duties have prevented an earlier
reply to your letter of the 22d Ultimo. Your request - to appoint
Delegates to the Planters' Convention, to meet at Memphis, on the 3rd
Monday of February - has been complied-with by a nomination from
this Department - of thirty six delegates to represent the State of
Alabama, in Convention. The next mail will convey to you - the City-papers,
containing the list of Delegates, and the printed Circular address, you
did me the honor to enclose to me.
Very respectfully, Your ob't Ser't.
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.
Executive Department.
Montgomery, Ala. Jany25th 1862
Mr Wm Alley, Tuskegee, Ala. [check]
The State of Alabama has a number of public arms -
muskets, pistols, and Cavalry-Sabres-scattered through the Country,
which are, now, very much needed. I am, also, desirous of
buying good double-barrel Shot-guns of musket calibre - and Rifles
with good stocks and locks, with barrels of an in inch or over
in Diameter - Suitable for boring out to a uniform Calibre- like
the Mississippi rifle.
I will pay you one dollar per gun, for all public arms,
muskets, and pistols which you may collect in the Counties
of Macon - Russell - Chambers - and Tallapoosa; and like
compensation for all the Cavalry-Sabres, with their accoutrements. I will,
also, pay you the same Commission for every good double-
barrel Shot-gun - and rifle, you may purchase for the State of
above-mentioned quality and description, at prices from
$8. to $18. the arms to be delivered to Col. W. R. Pickett. A. Q. M.
Montgomery, who will pay for them.

I hand you a commission giving you authority to
collect and buy arms for the State.
Your obt Sevt
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter
Executive Department.
Montgomery, Ala. Jany29th 1862
To His Excellency, Govr of the State of Virginia. [check]
I have the honor to acknowledge the rec't of your letter of 17th Inst.
communicating a copy of the Resolutions adopted by the General
Assembly of Virginia, approving the declaration of sentiment & purpose
contained in certain joint Resolutions of the legislature of the State of
Georgia, and affirming & adopting the same; together with a
communication- addressed by your Excellency - to the Legislature of Virginia
upon the subject, and requesting me to present the same for the
consideration of the Genl Assembly of this State. Cordially approving the Joint
Resolutions - and endorsing, heartily, the substance of your message to the
General Assembly of Virginia, it will afford me sincere pleasure to
comply with your request - to communicate them to the General Assembly
of Alabama, and to ask their most favorable consideration.
Very Respy
Your ob't Ser't.
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter -

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