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be added, which your own practical experience & judgement will, if
necessary, readily suggest.

In relation to the payment of the bounty-money, I would beg leave
to suggest, that it would contribute much to the success of the
requisition, if I could give my personal & official assurance, that
its payment would be punctually made The Volunteeers as a
class, can seldom appreciate the difficulties in this
direction, and any delay in making the payment would operate
injuriously, by its effect upon the zeal and sprit of our people.
Genl Bragg can bear testimony that the First Ala. Regiment was
Saved to the service, by an advance of Fifty thousand Dollars
obtained from the Bank at this place, to pay the Bounty, and
arrears of pay due, without which, in all probability, they would
not have re-enlisted.

In relation to the clothing, also, I would beg leave to enquire
if the issues, by the Department, to the Volunteers will include
blankets - shoes - and under-clothing, and, also, if the Confederate
Government will be able to furnish clothing - in kind, to all the Troops
from this State, during the Spring - Summer, and Fall.
Information, on these points, is essential - not only to answer the
inquiries of the Volunteers, but, also, for the purpose of determining - and
regulating the action of the State, in providing supplies of
clothing for them, in case it should not be furnished by the

You will, my dear Sir, readily appreciate the motive
which has induced this rather lengthy communication, and
excuse the liberty I have taken, in pressing these matters on
your attention. I should not have done so, had I not regard
it as absolutely necessary to meeting the requisition in the
shortest possible time.

I have the honor to be,
Very Resp'y
Your Obt Ser't
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Alabama Febr 14th '62
Lieutenant-Col. Jno T. Morgan Camp Davis' ford. [check]

Dear Col.
Your esteemed favour of Jany 31st has remained unanswered this
long- because I have been compelled - by press of occupation to delay an answer
It is with pain that I learn that our brave 12-months Alabama men, now in the
army, are likely to be slow in re-enlisting for the war. If trained men, now in
the army, can, from any cause, short of physical inability, reconcile it to
their minds & hearts to weaken the force - which stands - as our only wall of defense
against the invader, the influence upon the cause of the Country, and
the prospect of raising new additional Troops, - which we greatly need -
must be most disastrous.

What you say about the absolute justness of a system of
drafting - or Conscription, is most true: but if we are to depend
upon that system to maintain the liberties of the South, I should, almost,
despair of our ultimate Triumph. It is not upon men who will insist
upon what is strictly fair & just to themselves - that we can rely, in such
a contest - and to the generous - the un-selfish - the self-denying - the
self-sacrificing - the spirit of martyrdom - in men & women -
must charactize this Contest, on our part, or we will be
overwhelmed by the huge power, arrayed against us -
stimulated - as it is - to the highest degree - by the impending ruin
that our success necessarily entails upon them. [stricken words]

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