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Executive Department;
Montgomery, Alabama, Feby 19th 1862
Hon. J. P. Benjamin, Secy at War, Richd Va.
I have the honor to enclose a communication from Capt.
G. W. W. Davis, and hope that the Department will - if it
can be done - without injury to the Service, attach the two
Companies - referred - to Col. Frazer's Regiment.
Very respectfully,
Yr. Ob't ser't
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Alabama, Febr 18th 1862
Mr. P. Hamilton, Mobile,
Dear Sir,
Your letter, of 15th inst. is recd & the Governor instructs me to say in reply,
that 200 negro-men have been ordered to Blakely - and 200 to Mount
Vernon - or near there - under the instructions of Maj Genl Bragg -
this being the number called-for.

The Govr thinks the people of Mobile will, certainly, under the
circumstances, furnish the laborers - needed, at the point you suggest, at once.
If they have not done-so, by the time you receive this, telegraph
him - & he will take the necessary steps to furnish them
immediately. Can it be possible that the people of Mobile will
hesitate to furnish the laborers necessary for the purpose
designated - where they are - so immediately interested - and in such
imminent danger of having their City destroyed? God will not help
people that will not help themselves.

I repeat - that, if the laborers are not provided when you receive
this - telegraph the Governor.

In regard to the Boats desired by Commodore Randolph, the
Governor directs me to say, that he is informed, that the Secretary of
the Navy has not responded to the call for guns to arm the Boats,
and thinks there can be no use for boats - without guns.

As Commodore Randolph is the Confederate Naval Commander,
at Mobile, & respo^n^sible for the defense of the place - so-far-as
his department is concerned - the Governor is at a loss to see, why
the Commodore - if boats are needed for the Confederate service - does
not purchase or seize them, instead of calling upon the Executive of
^the^ State to do so.
Very Respy
(Signed) A. B. Moore, Aid-du Camp.

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Alabama, January 1862.
Col. J. W. Garrott. 20th Regt Ala. Volunteers [check]
Dear Sir,
I am instructed by Govr Shorter, to enclose to you
duplicate Registers of the Arms - left by you with Capt. Wagner, ordnance
officer of the C. S. A. with the valuation of the arms. These arms were
delivered to Col. W. R. Pickett - ass't Qr. Mr by Capt. Wagner, at the
request of the Govr, as authorised by you, in your letter of the 17th December
last, and were valued by Mr Kreutner, an excellent Gun-smith.
You will perceive that but few of the 59 rifles sold you, by Hobson &
LaGrone, are valued as high as $15.-- the price you paid, & ask
of the State. The Governor, however, authorises me to say, that he
will pay you the $15- for each of said rifles, at their valuation,
except those for which no pay expected. You will see, from
the schedules sent you - that 90 of the Rifles are classed

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