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53 55
too small to admit of rifling. of these there are 19 which belong to the lot of
59 new rifles. Gov- Shorter and I saw them counted. The Gov- finds much
difficulty in getting the others bored-out. Mr Kreutner, who is engaged at
the works has but a small establishment, and can bore & repair, only
about 5 guns per week.

At this rate, if will take many months to bore & repair the 180 Rifles,
reported to be fit for this operation. When I first proposed to you to take these
guns & have them repaired, and I understood, that Mr Skates of Mobile was
prepared to do the work ; but in this I was not correctly informed.

I then endeavoured to get Col. Pollard to fix-up machinery for boring
guns, in his Rail-Road Shop - which he agreed to do - but afterwards,
declined to do so - So that Mr Kreutner has the only establishment in
the State at which the work can be done. The Governor is
exceedingly anxious to have these guns put in order, as quickly as possible,
not only to gratify your wishes - but for the benefit of the Service;
and if he can find any place where he can have it rapidly done,
he will, immediately, avail - himself of the opportunity. After
what has been stated, the Govr instructs me to say, that if, upon
this statement of facts - you prefer to withdraw your proposition,
he would not object to your doing-so, and will be controlled by your
wishes - in-regard to the matter. In other words, he will get the guns ready
for service - as soon as possible - or let you withdraw your proposition
as you may prefer it. Lieutenant Hobson mis-understood me, in regard to the
rifles - or some of them - being placed in the hands of other soldiers.
They were the same kind of rifles, purchased from a man, in
Wetumpka, of which I spoke.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter, and the Registers of
arms, and state your wishes in regard to the suggestion made by his
Excellency. Direct to Gov- Shorter.
Very truly - & Respectfully.
(Signed) A. B. Moore, Aid du Camp c

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Alabama. Feby 19th 1862.
Col. W. M. Byrd,
Dear Sir,
Your letter of the 17th inst. has been recd. and the Governor instructs me
to say - that his correspondence with the War-Department, in regard to
receiving troops - for 12 months, is of such a character - as to convince him, that
it would be useless to make the effort to get you the privilege of raising a
Regiment, for 12 months - or for the War, upon the conditions suggested
by you. The Sec- of War will not receive a Company - Battalion - or Regiment
with conditions annexed. If he were to receive one Regiment, upon conditions
it would open the door for every Reg't hereafter raised - to annex conditions.
to the tender of services. He cannot discriminate - and grant privileges to one &
deny them to others. Were he to do so - it would lead to inextricable
difficulties - and greatly prejudice the public service. The War Department requires
that all Companies - Battalions - & Regiments must be for the War - and
unconditionably. The Govr would be-greatly greatly gratified to see you at the head of a
Regiment, feeling confident that you would make a bold & gallant
leader; but if your domestic matters render it improper to take a Regiment
unconditionally, for the War - you should, certainly, not do so. The Govr knows
that whether, in the field - or not, you will be untiring in your efforts
to promote the interests of the Confederacy - and to sustain our gallant
Army. The Govr instructs me to say - that should you be elected the Col.
of a Regiment - he will- after it is organized, use his influence with the Secy
of War, & Maj-Genl Bragg, to have it stationed in Alabama. I make you a
similar promise for myself - Very Respy & Yr Obt Sert.
(Signed) A. B. Moore A. D. C.

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