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The service which you have rendered the Country has been invaluable. Every day
that Norfolk, with its untold treasures, has remained un-approached by the
Enemy, had recorded a new victory to your arms. The material composing
the 3rd Alabama Reg't the thorough training of the men - the known skill
and gallantry of its officers - as well as its isolation from all other
Alabama Reg'ts, have given it a distinct and proud position in the Provisional
Army, a separate + [?] brilliant page in History. This is as well understood,
I am assured, by the Enemy - as by our own People. And, now, when the Enemy
is counting - upon our trained Volunteers within a brief period, and
calculating that - them - he will be able to march - triumphantly - to our Capitol,
and carry desolation to our homes - will the Gallant men of the 3rd Alabama
Regiment by the first to lay-down their arms, + the proud banner entrusted to
them by the glorious Women of Virginia, and turn their backs upon the
Old Dominion - even within the sound of the mightiest guns of the Enemy?
God forbid! No! Stand by your arms! Cluster to your loved
standard - + illustrate Alabama by showing how her brave sons can suffer +
die - if need be - to defend their Country. The glorious First Alabama
retains its arms + its bright colors!

In a few more days, its vacant ranks will be crowded with
impetuous men now rushing to Pensacola. Will not the intrepio 3rd
head-off in Solid Column, + become a noble example to all other
Alabama Reg'ts in old Virginia? May God inspire + steel your hearts
for this high resolve!

Let not considerations of personal comfort - inglorious ease
or petty ambition, mar your record, + seduce you from the field.
Re-organize-! Wait not for a month - or a week - or a day! If
you re-enlist now, you engage for two years - retrain your arms -
your number - + your colors; and elect the officers to command
you. If you suffer yourselves to be mustered out of service, wish
to re-enlist after your return home, you must go-in anew, for
three years - enter camps of reserves - and wait for arms-
organization, + opportunity. Re-organize then, + the wings of the
wind - which bears the joyful tidings homeward, shall carry
back the benedictions of Alabama, to cheer your hearts, and
[1 word illegible] your aims - for the great battles, which are yet to
be fought and won, before the deliverance of our Country
can be achieved.
[1 word illegible] Gill Shorter.

Executive Department;
Montgomery - Alabama; Feb 21st 1862
"To the Corps of Cadets at the University of Alabama;"

Well-knowing the patriotic ardor which warms your bosoms
at this dark- and trying hour + fearing that the dangers-impending
over your local may impel you to lay-down your books, and rush
impetuously- to the field - I have deemed it my duty to our Common Country,
to address you a few words of Counsel and advice.

Under the late requisition of the Resident of the Confederate States
I have issued my proclamationcalling for twelve additional
Regiments - for three years, or the War. This call will bring into the Camps
in Alabama, ten thousand men. The next great need will be to drill
+ discipline this force - for active service - when armed and equipped - +
ready for the field. The perfection of the men in the drill and discipline of
of the Camp; will be a most honorable and important work: and
to this work - many of you must - shortly - be assigned. Your Employment
in this manner, cannot be dispensed - with - without great detriment
to the interests of State + Country.

Inasmuch, therefore, as there is abundant material to compose
the comoanies called-for- and your numbers - even if half, or all
were to enlist - would aid but little in the ranks of 10.000 men

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