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Executive Department,
Montgomery, Alabama, Febr 22d 1862.
Brig Genl Thos J. Butler, A. M. Mobile.
Your favor of 16th inst., owing to the failure of the mails did
not arrive before to-day. Your remarks are carefully noted - and duly
appreciated. Could I have been favoured with the pleasure of a visit to your
city, on to-day, I should, most certainly, extended invitations to the officers
named to join me in the intended Reviews of your Brigade.

As this pleasure has been denied me, by the late freshets, I hope it may,
yet, be in my power to meet - & review your Brigade - before you enter the
field of active service.

Your letter of the 18th inst. also, is at hand to-day, &, in reply to your
Certificate of Elections by Volunteer-Companies of Militia, I herewith hand
you Commissions - accordingly. I regret to inform you that it is not in my
power to arm any of your Volunteer-Companies, at this time.

My agents - over the state - are buying - and gathering shot-guns - Rifles - and
kinds which are to be had; &, where I receive them, I will do - for you
whatever may be in my power. I have directed agents, in [illegible] - Alabama,
to ship - to Genl D. C. Greene, who will have the arms put-in-order
immediately, and issue - on your requisition.

There are no other Regiments of Volunteer-Militia - being formed in
the State, other ^than^ those within the limits of your Command - so far as
this Department is advised. The new Regiment, therefore, to which
you have assigned Capt. Le-Baron's Company, will be No 3. c
Very Resp'y,
Your ob't Ser't 103
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Department.
Montgomery, Alabama, Febr 27th 1862
O. O. Nelson, Esqr - Tuscumbia, Ala.
Your favour of 22d inst. is to hand. In common with
yourself - and all patriotic citizens, I deeply regret the state of
things, which has interrupted the progress - on your part - of any
Enterprize - which - I had hoped - would have resulted - So
advantageously - to the benefit of the Confederacy.

In reply to your request for permission, "to manufacture
the Guns for the State - at any point - in, or out - of the State you (we)
may think best," without dwelling - for a moment - on your suggestions -
as to particulars - I assure you - simply- that trusting to your judgement
and experience, I, cheerfully, assent to your request - that you may
remove your Works and materials to any point, where the Contract
can be carried-out to the best advantage for the State of Alabama.

When you shall have perfected your re-arrangements, I shall
hope to hear from you.
Very Respectfully,
Your Obt Ser't
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

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