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Executive Department.
Montgomery, Alabama, Feby 27th 1862.
Capt. Charles T. Ketchum, Mobile,
I embrace the earliest opportunity to reply to yours of 20th inst.
recd yesterday - or day before.

Having determined to establish a camp in Mobile, it became
necessary to assign some-one to take comand - of it; which I did by
appointment of Judge McKinstry, as a special aid for that purpose.
The Companies rendervouzing there must be tendered - as Companies to me,
and, when ten arrive in Camp, will be organized into a Regiment &
then elect their field officers. If not enough Companies arrive to make
a Regiment, they will be merged with other Companies - elsewhere, so as
to fill-up a Regiment. We are to have large armies; and Regimental
organizations must be dispatched - as rapidly as possible. It is my
purpose to expedite this desirable end - by every means in my power,
and, at the same time, to allow the Companies to exercise their
free will - in the election of their officers.

If you think you can organize a Regiment at an early day - say
by the first of April - at farthest, and it will secure that end, by my
establishment of a Camp in Baldwin Co - on the Rail-Road, I will
do so - & assign you, as special-aid, without compensation - to command
it. This is taken - however - with the understanding, that the Companies
must be tendered - for my acceptance - as Companies, &, held - subject to
my order, for further organization - if ten Companies do not arrive in
Camp, by 1st of April. Of course - any views - which you may have,
will not be disregarded - if compatible with the good of the service. By
order of Maj-Genl Bragg - the Commissary & Quarter-Master departments
are directed to provide for all my Companies &c. Transportation will
be furnished from the place of organization of the Company; and I have
no doubt that, on application to him, he would authorize transportation
also, for Squads. Awaiting further reply - I am -
Very Resp'y
Your ob't Ser't
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter. c

Executive Department.
Montgomery, Alabama, Febr 27th 1862.
Capt. J. D. Webb. Manassas, Virginia,
I am in receipt of your letter of 17th inst. and
gratified at the contents. A check-in your favour, for $950, has been
forwarded to Capt. Van-derveer - as requested.

I enclose a commission to David A. Walker - as suggested by you,
and hope he may be transferred by the Secretary of War, to whom I enclose
a letter of request - accordingly. Very Resp', Your ob't Ser't
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Alabama. Feb' 27th 1862.
Hon. J. P. Benhamin, Sec' of War,
Sir, Under and act of the Genl assembly of the State of
Alabama, I have-had-built, at Manassas, a Depôt building for the reception
of supplies for Alabama Troops: and I have commissioned Lieut
David A. Walker - in Company C., 5th Alabama Regiment, as assistant
Commissary for Alabama, in the State service - with the rank of Captain
to take charge of the establishment - I hope it will agreeable to you
to transfer him to that position.
Very Respectfully,
Your ob't Ser't.
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter c

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