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Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 7th 1863
His Excely. Z. Vance, Governor of N Carolina, Raleigh
Sir: I have the honour to acknowledge the rect of your favor of 3d. inst. &, in reply wd. State that previous to
the Session of 1862, Justices of the Peace, were, by the Military Code of Alabama, excempt from Militia
duty, but, by an act, approved Decr. 5th 1862, they were declared "Subject to Militia-service, un-
less - physically - or mentally - disqualified for such Services". Since the approval of this Act, Jus-
tices of the Peace, in the State of Alabama, have been enrolled for Confederate Service, when within
the Conscript ages.
Very Respy Your Obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala.

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 7th 1863
His Excely M. L. Bonham, Govr of So. Carolina, Columbia
Sir: Mr M.W. Garrison, of this City, Some months Since, in view of the wants of this Section
forwarded, to Virginia & N. Carolina, a lot of Sugar which he exchanged there for wheat & had the same
manufactured into flour. After many delays, he procured transportation for from 98 to 100 barrels
which, under authority of the laws of your State, was Stopped, in transitu, at Charlotte junction.
Mr Garrison, at the Commencement of the War, was in a prosperous business, in the City of New York,
which he abandoned for a Southern home; &, since that time, has pursued his regular occupation
of Merchant and dealer, in this city, avoiding - so far as I am able to ascertain - speculation &
forestalling, & placing his goods upon the Market at regular market prices. As the goods
were in transitu - the result of a fair exchange of the necessaries of life - & intended for a market
deficient in a Supply of flour, I trust it may be in your power, to order their release. They are
now, in charge of Mr L. Simpon, at Columbia.
Respy Yr Obt sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala.

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 8th 1863
His Excellency Z. B. Vance, Governor of N. Carolina, Raleigh
Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the rect of your letter, of the 4th inst. declining to
give an order for cloth to be manufactured, in your State, for uniforms for Cadets of
the University, & freely, admit the propriety of your decision, in view of the important
object to be attained, in clothing the troops of N. Carolina
Very Resy, Yr Obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala.

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 8th 1864
Gen. D. C. Greene, Qr. Mr Gen, Mobile.
Sir: In reply to your letter of 6th inst, I have to say, that, upon the report made by Gen-
Goldthwaite, on his return from Mobile Some Weeks Since, and my own observa-
tion & reflection, my mind was inclining to adopt the course suggested
in your letter. The facts, now Stated by you, remove all doubts as to the pro-
priety of it; and the interests of the State will, I am persuaded, justify it.
You will, therefore, retain Workmen, Sufficient to complete the unfinished
work on hand, & then close-up your Machine Shops. The arms, which
will be available for use, have packed properly & Stored Securely.

I think it probable, that it will be best to Sell the machinery tools &c
to the best advantage. This matter, however, I submit to your discre-
tion, though I recommend a Sale. The Contract for a thousand gun-barrels
I hope you may rescind. Adjust that matter as best you can. The Con-
tracts which I made last year for arms, have not yet furnished any.
But I expect deliveries to begin in a few weeks. These Sources will, probably
Supply all we may require. Reduce all expenses of your department as much
as possible.
Respectfully, Yours,
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

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