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Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 8th 1863
Capt. J.A. Winbourne, A.Q.M. Care of Duff Green, & Co. Vicksburg, Miss.
Sir: I am, to day, in receipt of your letter of 6th inst. for which am obliged. I recd on the 2d inst. your dis-
patch from Vicksburg, in these words "Can make no monied arrangements here - think it doubtful at
Jackson. If I fail, what shall I do? Answer at Jackson." I answered, by telegraph, to Jackson, on the 3d in these
words, "Did Gen. Green furnish you with a letter of credit from Bank of Mobile? & will it not be available? Answer
and wait at Jackson, for further orders." Your failure to return to Jackson explains why I had not heard from you
until the receipt of the letter now before me. There is no objection to your Sojourn at Vicksburg, with the 30th Ala-
bama Regiment, as reported by you, & your suggestions - as to your plans - are approved. You will reply, however,
by letter, to the questions in the above dispatch, sent to you at Jackson. [E.] I met with Mr Street, one of the part-
ners of Col. Bradford, the other day, just through from New Iberia; and he is quite hopeful. The Co. had raised
300,000 lbs salt, and are trying to get it through. I hope they may be sucessful. [E.] I agree with you that
a change must occur in our Military Status, before long, & trust that the God of Battles will give
us the Victory. [E.] Let me hear from you again, Soon, &, while in the proximity of the Enemy, give me
any information, of interest, you may obtain.
Respy, Your obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 9th 1863
Col. P. Hamilton, aid de Camp, Mobile.
Sir: I enclose you, herein, a copy of a letter, just received from the Hon. J.P. Benjamin, Secreta
ry of State, in reply to my communication to him of the 28th inst. in relation to the removal, by the Brit
ish Government, of Mr Magie, from the Consular Office, at Mobile. You will observe, that he asks to be furnish
ed with evidence, in an authentic form containing the facts stated, by Col. Forsyth, in his article in the Mobile
Advertiser & Register; & which, in my letter to Mr Benjamin, were assumed to be true. I hope it may be
in your power to obtain the certificates, or proofs of these facts, & forward them to me. [E]. I have heard that
the French Consul, in Mobile, is now performing the duty of Consular Agent for Great Britain. In-
formation on this matter also, is desired, with any particulars which you may be able to communicate.
Respy, Yr Obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

N.B. I leave to-morrow - for Eufaula, & my Plantation on the Chattahoocee, to be absent Some ten-or
twelve days. Gen. Goldthwaite will attend to the office, in my abscence. J.G.S.

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala. April 9th 1863
Col. Jno J. Morgan, Commandant of Conscripts for Alabama. Head-quarters, Talladega, Ala.
Sir; I respectfully, refer to your consideration, the enclosed application, (in duplicate) for detail of
Dudley D. Merrill, Now in Provost-guard, at Selma, under orders of Maj. Chambliss. [E]. I
need not urge upon you the importance of the Manufacture - for which this detail is requested to
the people & soldiers of Alabama. [E]. This establishment has been set in operation, by the State, it own
ing one half interest: and we expect to have, in operation, by the 1st of July, six machines, with
a capacity of 1000 pair per week, making our own wire from Alabama - iron. The great Scarci-
ty of competent mechanics, induces me to ask this detail.
Respectfully, (signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala, April 9th, 1863
Col. John T. Morgan, Commandant of Conscripts for Alabama, Head-quarters, Talladega, Ala
Sir: Your letter, of the 3d inst, is recd, for which I am obliged. Differing with you in opinion up-
on the liability of "County Superintentdents of Education" to enrollment, under the Conscript
Act, I have addressed a letter on the Subject, to the Secy of War. And as the views presented
may not have occurred to you, I have deemed it proper to Submit the letter to your exam-
ination, before Sending it - on to Richmond. If, upon a reconsideration, you agree with
me in my construction of the Conscript act, you need not, necessarily, forward the
letter to the Secretary of War, as you have the discretion to Suspend the enrollment of
the State Officers emumerated by Me. Should you adhere to your decision, then,
you will please forward the letter.
Your obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter
Govr of Ala.

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The bracketed capital E's above appear to indicate paragraph breaks in the letter.