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as well as the meaning & intention of Congress, apparent in the use of the word. And if in its
interpretation, any doubt should arise, as to its true Signification in any given case, the
doubt Should determine the Controversy in favor of the State Organization, which has the
power, through its legislature, to relieve the difficulty, by an express declaration.
For these reasons, I have deemed it my duty to notify you of my dissent from the decis-
ion made by Col Morgan, I have to ask, that you will direct a Suspension of the enrollment
or the exemption of all Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Officers, in this State, who may
not have been declared, by affirmative Legislation, liable, as such officers, to Military
duty in the State of Alabama.
Very Respy Yr obt sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. April 9th, 1863
Col. S.B. Pickens, & Capts McNeely, H.W. Cox & Nicholson, Comm: 12th Ala. Vol. Regt
Gentn. I have recd by the hands of Lieut. Macon, "the tattered banner" of your Regiment. So often
flung "victorious to the breeze", the sight of which prompts Memories of noble deeds, & of the "gal-
lant dead." [E]. Nobly have the sons of Alabama illustrated her character, & adorned her history, up-
on every field of renown; & gallantly have they borne their part in the struggle for their Country's inde-
pendence. But the Scene of triumph is saddened by the memories of the slain - the notes of victo-
ry tempered with the wail of mourning. Your gift will ever speak of a Jones, a Gayle, & a Tucker,
gallant, gifted, & lamented, yet honored & remembered. [E]. Your flag shall have its place, in the ar-
chives of the State: there by its Memories of the noble deeds of the gallant 12th, & its heroic dead,
to inspire, to higher resolutions of virtue, present & future generations of Alabamians.
With Sentiments of high regard, for you, individually, & admiration for the deeds of your
Command, I am, Respy, Yr obt Sert
[in margin - indd to here 10th April '63] (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala.

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. April 23d, 1863
Hon. Judge of Probate, Washington Co. at St. Stephens,
The Governor feels that it is his duty to make a requisition on Washington
County for Sixty Slaves, to complete the fortifications at Mobile & directs me
to request you to consult with the Sheriff and Clerk of the Circuit Court & Send
him, if possible, by return Mail, the names of three gentlemen, to act as impress-
ment agents, for your County, under the act of the last Session, a copy of which
I enclose. [E]. The gentlemen selected should be firm, discreet, & just men; prompt
in action; who will do their duty, without favour to any one. [E]. With the
names, the Governor will thank you, to give him, also the Post Office of
each. Very respy, Yr obt Sert
Jas P Waddel, Secy to the Govr.

Executive Department
Montomery, Ala. April 24th 1863
Maj. Gen. S.B. Buckner, Head-quarters, Mobile, Ala.
Sir, This will be handed you by Mr Johnso - the Agent of the Slaveholders of Cham-
bers Co. & duly authorised by them to take charge of the Slaves impressed from
that Co. under your requisition of 24th Jany last, & return them to their owners.
The Co. referred to was among the first to respond to that requisition, & the returns
made to this Department Show, that but three of the Slaves were rejected. In the or-
ders given for their impressment, the owners were assured by me that their Slaves would
not be retained longer than Sixty days after their arrival in Mobile, & they were impress-
ed for that term. Good faith, on my part, as well as the public interest so far
as obtining Slave labor for the future, demand that the pledge, thus given, Should
be faithfully maintained. [E]. The term for which they were impressed, will ex-
pire on the 27th inst. &, on that day, I have, respectfully, to request that you
will have these Slaves discharged, & turned over to Mr Johnson.
Very Respectfully
Yr obt Sert
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

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[E] marks above presumably indicate new paragraphs