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in their Treason against the Confederacy, nor to embarrass the Confederate
Government with questions of jurisdiction. It will enough for me, & the State which I
represent, if these Traitors be taught that impunity is not to be bought by bravado
& that, it will be matter of indifference, whether they receive the reward of their
treason, at the hands of the Condederacy, or by the laws of the State. §. It is then with
a view of disembarrassing the Confederate Government, that I respectfully request
that these marauders be delivered-up to the authorities of this State, for trial by
her civil Tribunals, for their acts of violence and rapine against our Citizens, &
their treason against the State, whose citizens they claim to be §. It cannot be
alleged, for them, as it might be for traitorous citizens of border States, that there
are conflicting claims of hostile Governments to jurisdiction, or that the State, thro'
the calamity of War, has failed to afford protection & redress to her citizens. Their position has been
voluntarily sought, their treason openly avowed, and boastfully vindicated, their violence wanton
and malicious. They have braved the penalty of Treason, in avowing themselves Alabamians, &,
as such, serving with marauding bands of the enemy, within the borders of our State, & are not
entitled to the privileges of Prisoners of War. §. If it is preferred by the Confederate authorities to retain -
& try them for their treasonable acts, I am willing to waive the demand on the part of the State;
but believing that Justice will be fully & fairly meted-out to them, by the judicial Tribunals
of Alabama, it would be more agreeable to me, that, both, the officers mentioned, and the men alluded-
to, be turned-over, upon my demand, to the State authorities. Proper arrangments will be made, for
their safe keeping, until they can have a fair & impartial trial
Resp'y Y'r ob't Ser't, (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter, Govr of Ala.

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. May 9th, 1863.
Gen. D. C. Green, Qr. Mr. Gen. Mobile
Sir; Your report of arms, under date of yesterday, is just recd, by Mr Punch. Advise how many -
and what kind are necessary to be retained in Mobile; and whether the arms - reported in bad
order, can be promptly repaired - & on reasonable terms, in your city. There is a great cry for
arms in every portion of the State, & I wish to aid in arming the Companies of State-Guards,
which are being organized in different localities. §. If arms cannot be repaired in Mobile, it will
be best to ship them here, for that purpose.
Resp'y, Y'r ob't Ser't. (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. May 9th, 1863.
Messr F. L. Johnson, & Co. Selma, Ala.
Gentlemen; You are, hereby, appointed State-Agents for the State of Alabama, for inspection & sale
of liquors at Selma. I enclose blank bond, which you will execute & return; Also, you will find enclosed,
"Proclamation," & "instructions to agents," which will show you the full extent of your district, §. There are no
contracts taken, deliverable at Selma; but the A. Q. M. here will ship to you, the receipts of one of
the contracts deliverable here. Another has been appropriated to the Agency at Tuscaloosa, and
the first shipment will be made through you to Col. R. Jemison jr. A. D. C. who will select the
Agent, to whom future shipments will be made. §. The price has been fixed at $. 10. per Gal.
for whiskey, & $. 15. for Alcohol, in consideration that the profits are to constitute a fund
for the benefit of indigent families of Soldiers. Resp'y, (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Dept, Montgomery, Ala. May 9th, 1863.
Col. R. Jemison, jr, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Sir; Having no contracts for distillation, deliverable at
Tuscaloosa, I have determined to use one of the Contracts, whose delivery is to be at place, for the benefit
of Western Alabama, and, herewith, enclose you copy of "Proclamation," & "instructions to agents," which
you will please hand-over to some suitable person at Tuscaloosa, who will accept the Agency,
& furnish me with the name of the person selected. One barrel of whiskey will be
immediately forwarded, by the A. Q. M. to your address, which you can turn-over to the agents, and
the remainder of the Contract, will be forwarded to him, as delivered here. The agent,
selected by you, will execute & return the Bond enclosed, before entering upon his duties.
The prices, at the Agency, will be $. 10. for Whiskey, & $ 15. for Alcohol, which have been
so established, in view of the fact, that the profits are to constitute a fund for the benefit
of the indigent families of Soldiers
Very Resp'y,
Your ob't Ser't.
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

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