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Executive Department;
Montgomery Ala. May 11th, 1863.
Messrs, E. H. Muse, & W. H. Barnes, Lafayette Ala. Gentlemen; I have recd your note of May 9th, asking
exemption from Enrollment, of Dr James E. Scarborough, as Justice of the Peace, & in reply, wd say
that Justices of the Peace & Constables were, expressly, made liable to Militia Duty, by the Legislature,
at its last session, with a view to their enrollment as Conscripts, if within the ages: and, under this
act, many have been enrolled, or volunteered into the service, to escape enrollment. If I have
the power of exemption, its use would be in opposition to this expressed will of the legislature;
and I could not exempt, now, in justice to those already in the service, unless my order could
reach all of the same class, which would be impossible
Very Respectfully, (signed) Jno Gill Shorter.
Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala, May 11th, 1863.
Col. White, Commanding C. S. Arsenal, Selma, Ala.
Col. I beg to hand you a requisition for fixed ammunition-powder, & lead, Caps, & C. &C. for
use of Alabama Corps of Cadets, at the University of Alabama, which, I hope it may be
in your power to fill. Please deliver the same to messr. F. L. Johnston, & Co. State Agents
at Selma, who are authorized to receipt for the same, & who will ship it to Col. L. C. Garland,
Superintendent, & Commandant of the Corps, for whose use it is wanted.
With high regards, I am respectfully, Your Obt. Ser't.
(Signed) Jno Gill Shorter. Govr of ala.
Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. May 12th, 1863.
Geo. H. Thompson, Esqr Glennville, Ala. Sir; I have recd. your letter of 10th inst, & would say, in
reply, that the Negroes impressed by the state authority, were delivered, to the Confederate
authorities of the State, at Mobile, with positive request that as they had been impress
for Sixty days' service, under the State Laws, they should be discharged, promptly, at the
expiration of that term; but I regret to say that they have wholly disregarded the requests.
The complaints, as to food, & medical attendance have been-time & again, reported from this
Department, & the neglect protested against, & I have been forced to appeal to the Secretary
of War, for premptory orders, to the Commanding Officer at Mobile, to discharge the negroes.
I hope to receive such orders from him, as will, at once, discharge your boy.
Very Resp'y Your obediant Ser't; (signed) Jno. Gill Shorter.
Montgomery, Ala, May 12th, 1863.
R. B. Kyle, Esqr, Gadsden, Ala: Sir, I have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of
your interesting letter, of the 7th inst. containing particulars of the recent raid upon Gadsden,
& the capture of the Marauders, by Gen. Forrest. While, I regret, exceedingly, to hear of your losses,
I congratulate you, upon your escape from the clutches of men, so devoid of principle & feeling.
Upon receiving the news of their capture, & of the fact that they were serving with armed negroes,
I notified Gen. Bragg of my intention, and made a demand of the Secretary of War, that
these officers be turned-over to the authorities of the State, for trial in accordance with the
proclamation of the President. And, further hearing that there were Alabamians serving with them
as such, I deemed it my duty to demand them for trial, unless the confederacy should hold
them for treason against it. §. To this communication, I have, as yet, no reply, & I cannot judge
as to the probability of its being granted, unless I know all the facts attending to the case, & the terms of
the Convention, by which they were surrendered to Gen. Forrest. §. I regret that I have no State
force, at disposal, with which to accede to your request for troops, to be stationed for the pro-
tection of N. ala. Gen. Clanton's force is raising, under Confederate authority, & was origin-
ally, intended to operate on the coast; but, as its proportions have been largely, increased, it
is not improbable that a portion of it may be placed upon other duty. Gen. Clanton is him-
self, desirous to serve in N. Ala. where his force would prove a most effectual pro-
tection against such raids; as his bold, dashing, and energetic manner & action
would prompt him to meet them, at once, without delay; but, of course, he must o-
bey the orders of his superiors; and it is probable that the heavy withdrawal of troops from
Mobile, may induce them to order him, for a while, to that neighbourhood. §. But I
think your security for the present, lies mainly, in the rapidity, and completeness
of the pursuit made by Gen. Forrest; & the readiness with which the advance force of the
Enemy was met, near Rome.

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