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No Raid can be successful, where the citizens - promptly - turn out to repel the invader. It is the startling
suddennes - leaving no time for preparation, that the success of the raider must consist. But, when, upon
slight notice, the pass & the bridge are defended by citizens, who feel that their property, homes, & lives
are to be saved, only by stout hearts - & strong arms; when every thicket conceals a foe, & when the moun-
tain-path, & Broad Highway are both to be contested - the invader feels his insecurity, & is ready to leave
for easier conquests. §. In answer to the many letters - written in the alarm created by the late move-
ment, I have enclosed my proclamation, of 22d December last, and urged the formation of
companies, under its provisions. Some of our militia- officers feel the necessity of providing for its ef-
ficiency, & the Adjutant-Gen. will send out orders, which, I hope, will awaken them to more earnestness
In addition, arrangements have been made for a line of couriers, which by, speedy transmission of
intelligence, will enable us to baffle any such parties, by meeting, & checking their advance
Ammunition has been sent to Selma, Talladega, & other places, for distribution to officers of organ-
ized commands. With these preparations & the vigilance, & readiness of our people, I trust
we will be secured against any future movement of this sort.
Very Respectfully, (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter.
P.S. I have read, with much pleasure, in the Jacksonville Republican of 9th inst. an inter-
esting account of the conduct of Miss Jane Sansom, of your county, in piloting Gen Forrest
over a swollen stream, while in pursuit of the enemy. Please inform me if the facts stated
are, circumstantially, true, as, in such event. I shall compliment her with an appropriate
notice from the Executive Office.

Executive Department;
Montgomery, Ala. May 11th 1863.
Thomas H. Abney, Esq. Randolph, Ala. Sir: I have received your letter, stating the probabili-
ty of Yankee raids into your Section - the helplessness of your people - and their want of organ-
ization & ammunition. I regret, principally, your want of organization, as that is a want which
cannot be Supplied when the time of trial comes, while the want of ammunition can
be supplied at short notice. Already, supplies have been sent to Selma - Talladega - Tus-
caloosa, & other points of distribution. But it can be issued only to responsibile milita-
ry officers, who will be responsible for its proper use. It was with this view,
that, in the disorganized condition of the Militia, I issued, on the 22d of December
last, the enclosed proclamation, & I hope you will urge, upon the people of your county,
the importance of organizing, either under this Proclamation, or of calling upon their
militia to do their duty - at once; in gathering their commands, & putting them in a
State of efficiency. Either Course will secure the needed ammunition, and the pros-
pect of successful repulse to the invasions of the Enemy.
Very Respectfully (signed) Jno Gill Shorter.

Executive Department;
Montgomery Ala. May 11, 1863
Col. L. C. Garland, Commandant Corps of Cadets, Univ. Ala.
Sir: I am in rect of your favors, of 6th & 7th inst. for which I am obliged. The energy & zeal
displayed by the Corps of Cadets under your Command, on the recent report of the approach
of Yankee Marauders, in the direction of Tuscaloosa, is deserving all commendation. §. I am pleased
to hear that the field Artillery, ordered at the Shops, in Tuscaloosa, will soon be ready. Please hurry
the job. The State has no suitable ammunition for these Guns, & I have, to-day, forwarded, by Capt.
Jemison of Tuscaloosa, a requisition for all the ammunition you ask for, on Col. White, Commandant of
C. S. Arsenal, at Selma, by whom I am assured it will be filled, and have directed an im-
mediate shipment of it to you. I note your sensible remarks upon the Subject of military
organization. Unfortunately, our people are rarely sensible on this subject, and only in times of
apprehended or threatened danger of attack, when they become deeply exercised, & clamorous
for something to be done by somebody. Whatever may happen, in consequence of inadequate
means for local defense throughout the State, I shall ever feel acquitted in my own Con-
science, of all responsibility or blame; Let me explain. In view of the dis-organization of
the State Militia, by the Conscript law, I made the necessity of its reorganization a
subject of special attention, in my Message to the Called Session of the Legislature, and recommend-
ed the enrollment of every able bodied man in the State, between 16 & 60 years of age, who was
not in the Confederate Service. I send you a copy of my message, to which you are referred.
The Legislature passed-through the Called Session of two weeks, & the regular Session of thirty
days, and adjourned, without passing a Solitary Measure, to improve & Strengthen the
Military Arm of the State. They had no confidence in the militia organization,

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