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Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala May 12, 1863
J.R. John, Esq Selma
Sir, I thank you for your letter of 8th inst. I sent, yesterday, by Capt. Jemison of Tuscaloosa, a requisition on
Col White, for the ammunition needed for the Alabama Corp of Cadets at the University, which, I hope, may
be filled - & forwarded, immediately, by J.L. Johnson, & Co. who were authorized to receipt for it. I have sent am-
munition from here to Gen. Kerr at Greensboro, to Gen. Huey at Talladega, & Col. Jemison at Tuscaloosa,
to be distributed to organized Forces, for the public defense. § I am gratified to learn that the Confederate
authorities are alive to the importance of defending Selma against any raid of the Enemy. The
destruction of the public works there would be an incalculable loss. Would to God! our people
could duly realize their danger, and properly aid the state & confederate authorities in timely
preparation to meet it. They seem insensible to its approach, until the enemy is at their doors,
when it is too late to resist him, with concerted purpose, and efficient organization. As you pre-
dicted, the Selma Company has refused to report its Rolls!What a spectacle for our Enemy!
Truly Yours (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala May 12, 1863
Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War: Sir: Sometime Since, I addressed you requesting
the acceptance of the resignation of Capn L. M. Stiff, 3d Squadron, 6th Georgia Cavalry
now stationed near Cumberland Gap, & received, in reply, your letter of 25th March, 1862
declining to accept his resignation upon the ground that he was under charges.

Understanding that these charges have been withdrawn, I respectfully renew the request
that his resignation may be accepted, and that he may resume the duties of his office, as Register
& Receiver of the Land Office, at Centre in this State
Very Resp'y, Y'r Obt Sert (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala, May 13, 1863
P. Hamilton, Esq. Ch'n Comm Mobile, Sir, I have the honor to ackowledge receipt of your
your letter of 11th inst. enclosing papers connected with the construction of the Ram "Baltic"
You have certainly done the work, with commendable oeconomy & promptude. §. No
further report is needed, as you accounts with the treasury are properly closed.
Very Resp'y, (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala, May 13, 1863
Col Eli S. Shorter, A.D C. Enfaula, Ala. Sir, In reply to your letter of 9th inst. I would
State, that copies of the Salt laws of last Session, have been sent to Mr. McKenzie & also to
Mr. Charles Petty, Clayton, & I ask particular attention to the 4th Section of Act no 37, which is
in itself, full instruction to the Agents. §. the 150 Sacks ordered, will be shipped by the A.Q.M
as requested. §. Copies of Mr. Russell's contract, will, also, be sent, & these Gentlemen advised
as to Sale - commission, &C.
Very Resp'y, (Signed) Jno Gill Shorter

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala, May 13, 1863
Col. L.C. Garland, Comm't Univy Ala. Tuscaloosa
Sir, Maj Joseph Hodgson, Commanding Cavalry Battallion, Clanton's Brigade, de-
sires leave of absence for Cadet Charles P Storrs, for the purpose of raising a Company
for Hodgson's Battalion, stating that he is, in every way qualified for such Com-
mand and that his skill as an officer would be of great assistance to him.

If not inconsistent with previous orders or regulations, you will grant the leave of absence
as desired, directing Cadet Storrs to report to Major Joseph Hodgson, at Head Quar-
ters, New-Berne, Ala
Very Respectfully,
Your Ob't Ser't
Jno Gill Shorter, Gov of Ala

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The author of the letters, John Gill Shorter (b. April 23, 1818, d. May 29, 1872), was the Democratic governor of Alabama from December 2, 1861 to December 1, 1863. He was born in George, attended the University of Georgia, and was married to May Jane Battle. They had one child