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Executive Department,
Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 9th, 1861

Sir, ^Maj. Genl Braxton Bragg^


Your letter of the 8th inst. is received and I am instructed by the
Governor to say to you that Captain Horton's Company disbanded before the
receipt of your letter and before the Officer sent by you to muster it into
service reached their place of rendezvous.

Very Respectfully
Your Obt. Servant,
A. B. Moore

Braxton Bragg
Major General
Commanding Pensacola.

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Ala, Dec. 10th, 1861.

Maj. Gen. Samuel Weakly, [check]


You are hereby authorized to call upon Col. Robertson
Superintendent of the La Grange Military Academy for all the public
arms in his possession, to supply companies that may be without
arms, who have or may tender their services under the proclamation of
the Govenor of 22nd Nov. 1861. If Col. Robertson has raised or
will immediately raise a company under said call, you will
permit him to retain arms for his company.

Very Respectfully
(Signed) John Gill Shorter.
P. S. You will report the number and description of arms which you
may obtain to this Department.
(Signed) John Gill Shorter.

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 10th, 1861.

Col. Chas. T. Ketchum,


Your letter of the 6th inst. is received and
the Governer instructs me to say that the drafts upon the Treasury
for the payment of existing contracts, and appropriations, the payment
of which is imperative on the State and very heavy - Under the
circumstances the Governor does not feel authorized at present
to make other contracts which must further embarrass the
Treasury He therefore leaves the question open for the present.

Very Respectfully
(Signed) A. B. Moore,
Aid de Camp.

Executive Department,
Montgomery, Ala. Dec. 10th, 1861
Capt. N. D. Johnson [check]


Your letter of 9th inst. is received, and I
am instructed by the Governor to say to you that troops are
immediately needed for twelve months. If you will
tender your company at once with not less than
sixty-four privates armed with Shot-guns, Rifles, or
muskets under the terms of the Governor's Proclamation
of Nov. 22nd 1861, it will be accepted and ordered to