Document concerning the pardon of Elijah R. Murphree of Blount County, Alabama. Murphree pled guilty to stealing enslaved people in 1858, and was sentenced to seven years in the Alabama State Penitentiary.


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To his Excellency Andrew B. Moors Governor of the State of Alabama

Where as one Elijah R. Murphree a convict in the Penitentiary of the State of Alabama having a wife & five helpless children & his family being in very Indigent circumstances also that said family had to depend solely upon the labore of Said Murphree for a support & being believing that Said Murphree has been punished

Suffiently for the charge [?] as he was confined in jail for near Two years before his confinment in the Penitentiary & knowing his helpless Situation of his wife & children

We your undersigned petitioners pray your excellency to Release the Said Elijah R Murphree from Said confinement So he may Return home to help make a Support for his family and we you humble petitioners will ever pray [?] this The 12th day of Febuary 1859

S. A Sneed 1 Jason Glidewell 2 W Y M Black 3 [?] [?] 4 Thomas B Trammel 5 Russell Campbell 6

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J. C. Alldredge 7 Wm. Hale 8 William Anderson 9 L. A. Hale 10 William M. Helse[?] 11 James Belsoe 12 Isac S M Murphree 12 R R. Harbison 14 James Sivley 15 Wm Anderton 16 David Kelsoe 17 f M Kelsoe 18 B. H. Sapp 19 C H Red 20 J G Sterling 21

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