Lila Bess Olin Morgan family correspondence, 1938 to 1944



This collection consists of correspondence (1938 to 1944) from the papers of Lila Bess Olin Morgan of Montgomery, Alabama. Most notable are the letters written among the three women of the family: Lila Bess; her mother, Juliet Cook Olin; and her daughter, Juliette Hampton Morgan. Juliette Morgan, a supporter of civil rights, was involved in local organizations and wrote numerous letters to newspapers editors stating her views. As a result of her continued activism, Morgan lost her job at the Montgomery Public Library, and she suffered from extreme anxiety and depression before dying by suicide in July 1957.

Most typescript letters have been omitted from this transcription project, but all of the correspondence, along with many photographs from Morgan's papers, are available in the ADAH digital collections.


1938 to 1944, item 17

1938 to 1944, item 17

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